Blog engineering

Presentation of my publishing method. ...

August 18, 2020 · Antoine CAVARD

Pixel 360

PIXEL 360, or how to keep an eye on the details! Automated picture taking, for creating a panorama. ...

March 17, 2019 · Antoine CAVARD

HiFi music server

Build your own high fidelity music server. ...

October 6, 2018 · Antoine CAVARD

Data logger

The goal of this project is to record raw NMEA frames from a GPS receiving map. I chose a minimalist interface with a red diode and a push button. ...

December 22, 2017 · Antoine CAVARD
piece of fuselage

ракета-носитель Союз

A cut piece of ракета-носитель «Союз» recovered on a Caribbean beach. ...

March 14, 2017 · Antoine CAVARD


The battery of your laptop reaches the end of its life, it is no longer powerful enough to ensure a good autonomy of the laptop, here is a clever way to recycle it. ...

March 12, 2017 · Antoine CAVARD

A clock saw

How to upgrade an old circular saw to add a vintage touch to your workshop? ...

January 5, 2017 · Antoine CAVARD

Wall tool holders

A toolbox overflowing and everything is a mess! We spend more time looking for tools than working! ...

September 16, 2016 · Antoine CAVARD

Drum sheet music

Here is my feedback on writing drum sheet music with LilyPond and Frescobaldi software. ...

April 9, 2016 · Antoine CAVARD

The "Starving student"

How to make a hybrid tube/MOSFET amplifier for headphones. ...

March 30, 2016 · Antoine CAVARD